The project

Accessible Information Material is a project of cooperation among 7 organizations from 

Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

This kind of project is called strategic partnership for innovation because the partner 

organizations want to work together to create something new.

The project will last 28 months, from September 2019 to December 2021. 

During the project the partner organizations  will learn how to use the easy 

to read language. 

A training course about easy to read language will be oraganized for the staff of the 


Subsequently they will create an easy to read book about the basics of the use 

of computer and internet for adult learners with low literacy skills. 

The book will be used to organize a training course for people with low literacy skills 

coming from different European Countries.

In this way the manual will be revise following the participants suggestions to make it better.

The partner organizations will also create some suggestions for the educators about how to 

manage an easy to understand training course about the basics of the use of computer.

The suggestions will be used to organize a training course for educators coming 

from different European countries.

In this way the suggestions for educators  will be revised following the participants 

suggestions to make it better.

The suggestions for educators will be used to create a training course on-line about how 

to manage an easy to understand training  course on the basics of the use of computer and 


Each partner will organize a seminar to spread the results of the project.

Which are the partner organizations?

4 organizations are working for the social inclusion of people with disability:

1 oragnization is an high school:

1 organization is a University:

1 organization is woking with youth and migrants:

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